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Track Bed Weathering Kit (Steam)

Track Bed Weathering Kit (Steam)


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Ballast is never clean, and especially so around platform ends, stabling sidings and, of course, in the depot. So it stands to reason that modellers will want to weather down the ballast in those locations, creating a more realistic look, and now Peco have the products to achieve this! These two weathering kits, one for the steam era and one for diesel modellers, contain various bags of weathering dust and dirt, and a bottle of track grime. The modeller applies the dust and dirt to the track, then seals it with a PVA wash or mist, and finally applies the track grime for the finishing touch. The technique is easy and the result rewarding. Kit Contents • 1 Bag of Ash • 1 Bottle of Track Grime • 1 Bag of Coal Dust • 1 Bag of Track Dirt

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