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SALE - Hornby R1283M BR ‘The Royal Scot’ Train Set - Era 3

SALE - Hornby R1283M BR ‘The Royal Scot’ Train Set - Era 3


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Hornby R1283M BR ‘The Royal Scot’ Train Set - Era 3

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To own a Hornby Dublo Set was for many the ultimate and to have one that featured a large Pacific locomotive was just a dream come true.

The Hornby Dublo 'Duchess of Montrose' first appeared in a set during 1953 but it was some 5 years later that the set was repackaged and rebranded the 'Royal Scot'. The new graphics which featured a young boy looking excitedly at the trains in front of him, formed a visual template for other sets but it was the BR Green 'Duchess of Montrose' locomotive, plus two coaches and an oval of 3-rail track that really made the set stand out from the rest.

Some 64 years later the new Hornby Dublo 'Royal Scot' Train Set makes a welcome return and features the new metal bodied 'Duchess of Montrose' in BR Green, plus two coaches and 3rd Radius Oval Track, Power Connecting Track and Re-Railer.

As with the original, the set also includes a 'Royal Scot' headboard while the coaches have separate destination boards.NB. This set does not include a wall transformer or controller.

Limited availability.

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