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Rail Freight in the 21st Century - Paul D Shannon

Rail Freight in the 21st Century - Paul D Shannon

Amberley Publishing

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Freight operations on Britain’s rail network have changed enormously in the last two decades. In this book author and photographer Paul D. Shannon surveys the changes in the rail freight scene since the year 2000. With superb colour photographs he illustrates the different freight operating companies in this period, the wide range of traction that they have used and the variety of wagons that could be seen. Views include the terminals, both sea ports and inland. There was a wide range of goods carried in this period, from aggregates and cement for the construction industry, minerals and waste, including china clay, gypsum and potash, to metals and energy materials such as coal, nuclear and biomass. Intermodal freight carrying containers is also important, and other logistical freight operations include mail and parcels. Although the wagonload network has declined in this period, loads such as timber continue and also niche markets such as bottled water.


With an array of superb photographs, Paul D. Shannon offers a fascinating overview of the recent and present-day freight scene in Britain.

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