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Oxford Diecast Diamond T Tank Transporter and Trailer US Army

Oxford Diecast Diamond T Tank Transporter and Trailer US Army

Oxford Diecast

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In real life, the vehicle comprised a 12 ton 6 x 4 axle M20 Diamond T model T980 ballast tractor and companion trailer. The vehicle originated in the USA, built by the Diamond T Company in Chicago who produced over 6500 between 1941-1945. Designed as a heavy prime mover for tank transporting, several thousand were purchased by the British Army in particular. The heavyweight Diamond T980 was ideally suited to operating on rugged terrain and proved particularly invaluable in recovering battle-damaged tanks.  It remained in military service right into the 1950s with a few still being used through to 1971. 

Here we see it as deployed by its home nation with the US Army. It appears in the drab dark green with black radiator slots and black interior.  The US white star appears on the sides of the cab doors, the back of the trailer and also on the bonnet, whilst its military numbering is printed in blue along the edges of the bonnet and on the back of the trailer.  Additional alphanumeric identification including the registration plate features in white - ASCZ 3595 and TRK 27 – on the front bumper with the white star displayed between.

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