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Oxford Diecast 1/43 Land Rover Tickford Two Tone Green

Oxford Diecast 1/43 Land Rover Tickford Two Tone Green

Oxford Diecast

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Oxford Diecast 1/43 Land Rover Tickford Two Tone Green

The legendary Land Rover was launched in 1948 to instant acclaim as an all-terrain multi-purpose 4 x 4 that answered the dream of every farmer and country-living outdoor individual. A year later and decades before the ‘smart’ set adopted the marque for urban and fashionable use, Rover saw an opportunity to offer a more refined model, which they thought would be ideal for travelling from farm to town or for getting around to sporting pursuits with a little more glamour and comfort.  They sought out Tickford, who were based in Newport Pagnell, to design the coachwork for the station wagon which incorporated aluminium panels over a wooden frame. The interior sported leather seats and a heater, whist the body had a split rear tailgate and a smart metal cover for the spare wheel. 

Unfortunately, the Land Rover station wagon was classed as a passenger car and was therefore subject to purchase tax, which almost doubled the price for the motorist.  As a result, the modified Land Rover Tickford sales were painfully slow and it was withdrawn in 1951 after only 641 had been made.  Today, of course, the Tickford is extremely rare and it is estimated that only 20 still exist.

Our 1:43 scale model is registered JDG 135 and dates from 1949. Authentic down to the last detail, it is decorated in dark green with a light green roof and spare wheel cover. Exterior trim is finished in both black and chrome. The interior features bright green seats to the front and the back, dark green frame, light green door panels, black floor and a black steering wheel.

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