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Noch TT:120 N43070 Garden Fence 71x0.9cm

Noch TT:120 N43070 Garden Fence 71x0.9cm


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Noch TT:120 N43070 Garden Fence 71x0.9cm

With various replicas of wooden fences and metal fences, you will find a nice selection of hand-colored fences with us. Thanks to an elaborate hand painting, the models look like the original down to the last detail! In addition, the individual elements can be combined in many ways. This enables you to create a wide variety of fence shapes that perfectly match your individual model landscape.

Depending on the fence type, straight pieces, garden gates, driveways, crumbling fence sections and much more are included. The garden fence is particularly suitable for fencing off flower and vegetable beds and provides a realistic look.


  • Pre-Painted

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