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Noch N15059 Hunters & Foresters (6) Figure Set

Noch N15059 Hunters & Foresters (6) Figure Set


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Noch N15059 OO Gauge Hunters & Foresters (6) Figure Set


The model railway figures "Hunter and Forester" give a model landscape even more detailed scenes. They sit high up on the hunter's stand and have a view of the forest. The hunter has positioned himself close between the model trees in the mixed forest and keeps a close eye on what is happening. For forest animals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar and birds, caution is required here, but the hunter is still indispensable in a realistic forest. The forester should not be missing in any forest - he ensures that the forest is well cared for and takes care of the trees.

This product can be found in the Noch New Items 2021 leaflet.


  • 6 x Hunter Figures
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