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No 125 US Dark Grey Matt Acrylic 14ml Dropper Bottle

No 125 US Dark Grey Matt Acrylic 14ml Dropper Bottle


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Humbrol Acrylic Paint is ideal for many paint tasks around the home. Developed for plastic kit modellers, the paint is water based, fast drying and safe in use. Simple to mix colours to obtain further shades too, and the paint is suitable for airbrushing. The perfect general paint for all craft and modelling uses.

Usage: A water-based, fast dry paint developed for use on plastic model kits but which can also be used on other surfaces.

Substrate: A wide range of surfaces including most plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, metal, cardboard, sealed plaster, sealed hardboard and many more.

Application: Brush straight from the tin or Airbrush with a suitable thinner such as water. Two thin coats are preferable to one thick coat. The usual thinning ratio is 2 parts paint to one part Humbrol Acrylic Thinner.

Drying Time: 1-2 hours hard dry, allow longer for Gloss and Metallic finishes.

How To Clean: Acrylic Thinners or water when wet, cellulose when dry.

Matt, Satin, Gloss, Metallic and Clear finishes are available.

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