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Lima OO L149930 4 X Petroleum Sector "Shell" Class 47's

Lima OO L149930 4 X Petroleum Sector "Shell" Class 47's


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Lima OO L149930 4 X Petroleum Sector "Shell" Class 47's

British Rail Petroleum sector class 47's carried sea shell names in a link up with the Shell Oil Co.  

There were 13 Crewe based class 47's allocated to the Shell Refinery trains from Stanlow in July 1987 and all carried species of shell names with the Shell company logo beside the Latin name. This fleet was supplemented in 1989 by some class 37's and the future looked good. Sadly for a location that was once one of the biggest sources of rail freight in the North West it all started to go downhill in 1995 when the Leeds terminal closed and the following year 1996 saw the last bulk flow to Jarrow switched to Immingham. The future was bleak and Shell abandoned their rail distribution network at Stanlow Refinery from March 1998.

This Limited Edition set of only 200 models was produced exclusively for Macclesfield Model Railway Centre. The set is in mint condition and contains the four Class 47's listed below complete with etched nameplates, depot plaques and BR arrows and Certificate number 083/200

'47 010' Xancidae 

'47 125 Tonnidae'

'47 233' Strombidae 

 '47 278' Vasidae

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