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Hornby R60153 The Beatles 'Let It Be' Wagon

Hornby R60153 The Beatles 'Let It Be' Wagon


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Hornby R60153 The Beatles 'Let It Be' Wagon

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Let It Be' was the final studio album of The Beatles, released in May 1970 after the group's breakup. The creation of the album was documented in the concurrently released documentary of the same name which included clips of song rehearsals and the Apple Corps rooftop concert, the unannounced live performance which would be the groups last.

Despite being the group's last, the album features some of The Beatles' most famous songs including 'Across the Universe', 'Let It Be', 'The Long and Winding Road' and 'Get Back', demonstrating that the group's music continued to remain immensely relevant to the popular music scene until the end.

This commemorative wagon features a special livery inspired by the 'Let It Be' album artwork.

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