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Hornby R4830A LNER, 61'6" Gresley Full Brake, 4247 - Era 3

Hornby R4830A LNER, 61'6" Gresley Full Brake, 4247 - Era 3


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Despite losing the crown of the largest of the 'Big Four' railway companies to its main rival the LMS, the LNER is notable for having some of the most iconic designs of locomotive and coaches ever devised. Often overlooked due to the prowess of their locomotives, the coaches of the LNER were some of the most resplendent coaches for their period, rivalled only by the privately owned Pullman Coaches.

With stylings rooted in the rolling stock of the large constituent GNR, many LNER coaches were made from panelled teak giving the coaches a unique appearance. Unlike other coach designs of the same era the LNER did not paint their coaches choosing instead to simply apply wax varnish to the exterior and interior wood resulting in the rich natural tones of the wood shining under any light.

Represented in 1:76 scale, these coaches feature fully detailed interiors, an accurate representation of the teak wood panelling and metal wheels on each bogie.

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