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SALE - Hobbymaster 1:72 HA2403 MIG-15bis USAF "7616"

SALE - Hobbymaster 1:72 HA2403 MIG-15bis USAF "7616"


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Hobbymaster 1:72 HA2403 MIG-15bis USAF "7616"

General Background

The MiG-15 (NATO name Fagot) was designed from information and technology gathered from captured WWII Germans. The main features of the Mig-15 were its simplicity and swept wings. The MiG-15bis was an improved single-seat fighter with better cannon, fuel capacity, avionics and a Klimov turbojet engine developed using an unlicensed Rolls-Royce Nene engine. All this was put in a strengthened airframe. The Allies were completely surprised when the Mig-15 arrived in Korea and quickly brought about the development of the F-86 Sabre.
The Aircraft
On September 21, 1953 a defecting North Korea pilot No Kum-Sok flew his MiG-15bis “2057” to South Korea. Anxious to recover valuable intelligence data the aircraft under went considerable test flying. One of the test pilots was Chuck Yeager and the other was Tom Collins who is the reason for the TC on the aircraft. Eventually the US offered to return the aircraft to its rightful owners but there was no response. In 1957 the aircraft was transferred to the National Museum of the USAF for public display.
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