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Hawker Demon K2905, 41 Sq. RAF Northolt, 1934

Hawker Demon K2905, 41 Sq. RAF Northolt, 1934


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The Hawker Demon represented the fighter variant of Hawker's very successful and popular Hart family. When introduced, the Hart was so fast that contemporary RAF fighters could not intercept it and so, Hawker were asked to produce a fighter along similar lines. The resulting aircraft was the Demon. While some were equipped with turrets for the rear facing armament, the majority had a single gun on a flexible rear mount, with forward armament of two .303 machine guns fitted, one either side of the nose. Over 200 were produced for the RAF, serving until just after the outbreak of the Second World War. 41 Squadron was formed in 1916 and is today one of the oldest squadrons serving with the RAF. As well as being based at Northolt, the squadron used its Demons on air policing duties in the Middle East. Today, the squadron operates Tornado GR4s as an operational evaluation unit.

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