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Gaugemaster GM1843 Premium Weeping Willow Tree (1)

Gaugemaster GM1843 Premium Weeping Willow Tree (1)


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Gaugemaster GM1843 Weeping Willow Tree (1)


This "weeping willow" tree is ideal for adding even more realistic details to any landscape design. The long, green branches of leaves reach far down. This makes her look a little sad with the hanging branches, so she is called "weeping willow".

Among the tree species, it belongs to the willow trees. In addition to birches, oaks, chestnuts, lime trees and other types of trees, it transforms every model landscape into an unmistakable scene. It stands idyllically in a wide field and is ideal in the garden or in a city scene. Recreate realistic scenes and stage them in even more detail with the "Weeping Willow".

  • The trunks of the trees are painstakingly hand-coloured so that no shiny plastic surfaces can be seen.
  • In order to give the tree more volume, a fine web is worked into the branches before the flocking.
  • High-quality leaves are used as the flock material. The shape and colour of the specially ground and elaborately coloured material resembles the foliage of the original trees.
  • As in nature, only the fine branches of this tree has leaves. The thick knots are left out in the elaborate flocking by hand.
  • 1 x Premium Weeping Willow Tree
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