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Ford Cortina MkII Crayford Convertible - Blue Mink Roof Down


Oxford Diecast

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The Ford Cortina was, in real life, the UK’s best- selling car of the 1970s. Built between 1962 and 1982 by Ford UK at their Dagenham plant, the Mark II was introduced in 1966 – the year of our Oxford replica. It came as a 2-door, 4-door saloon and a 5-door estate and with an engine size from 1.2L to a 3.0L V8, all with 4-speed manual gearbox.  The five generations of the Cortina marque saw engine and design upgrades along the way, so it is no wonder that there were modifications by external body specialists, such as Crayford Engineering.

Crayford Engineering was a car coachbuilder based in Kent and was formed in 1962 by engineer and designer Jeffrey Smith and sales expert David McMullan.  The company specialised in taking desirable and usually prestige cars of the era and converting them from the original into estates and convertibles.  The Cortina Mk II was one such car that Crayford introduced as a convertible but in very small numbers, so they are very collectable today.

Our 1:43 scale model Cortina Mk II Crayford Convertible is registered SOO 661D from 1966, the first year of its Ford debut. It is a 2-door version and appears for the first time with its roof up. Delicately coloured in pale blue and pale cream roof, the interior is black with silver trim.  Note the sporty three spoked steering wheel and the highly detailed dashboard.  Externally, the car features silver trim and two extra fine details include the highly decorative wheel centre caps and the red GT badge positioned centrally behind the rear wheel arches.  

Something different to add to your 1:43 scale 1960s/1970s British Classic car line-up!

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