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Football Match Officials (4) & Coaches (2) Figure Set

Football Match Officials (4) & Coaches (2) Figure Set


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Details Referees and Trainers In 2017 we are celebrating a small figurine anniversary: ??in 1997 the first NOCH figurines came onto the market and in the meantime the program has blossomed quite nicely. Meanwhile, we have over 250 different character sets and offer on 500 individual figures. That can be seen in any case. Matching the football teams and fans, there are now referees and coaches as model figures for the scale 1:87, so the track H0. The set includes two coaches in red and gray track suits, three line judges wearing an orange jersey, black shorts and black socks, and a referee who, as is often the case, is completely dressed in black. In his left hand he holds a pipe, into which he is blowing into it. Two assistants hold an orange and yellow flag in their right hand to express certain actions that are taking place on the field. They are very important in many international football tournaments and can often clarify crucial situations. The third linesman in the league holds with both hands a scoreboard in the air, on which the next player change is displayed. Contents: Packaging Unit: 1 Piece / Pieces

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