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F-117 Stealth Fighter Units of Operation Desert Storm

F-117 Stealth Fighter Units of Operation Desert Storm


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During the final years of the 20th century, the most significant break-through in military weaponry was the concept of Stealth technology, and the first mass-produced weapon to utilize this to perfection was the F-117 Nighthawk.

Despite the fact that it was first delivered in 1982, the US Air Force officially denied its existence until 1988. Nevertheless, the operational status of the aircraft still remained a well-guarded secret with nighttime only operations from the Tonopah facility in Nevada.
However, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, thus beginning the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991), the aircraft entered into the public spotlight, flying combat missions over Baghdad.

The F-117 Nighthawk flew as a single plane with no escort, and maintained total radio silence to ensure maximum stealth impact. Its success during Operation Desert Storm, and its extraordinary capability, has guaranteed it the tip of the spear in terms of American attack capabilities. Furthermore, it was the first weapon to be used during the initial few nights of military operations when the goal was to blind the enemy by destroying command, control, and radar.

Illustrated with stunning color photographs of the F-117 above Iraq, and complemented by numerous personal accounts from the pilots themselves, this book explores the history and combat experience of one of the most secretive planes ever built.

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