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Corgi VA15102 Ford Transit Custom Trail, Race Red

Corgi VA15102 Ford Transit Custom Trail, Race Red


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Corgi VA15102 Ford Transit Custom Trail, Race Red

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The Ford Transit has offered unrivalled versatility since it was launched in 1965 and the 2020 Transit Trail has expanded the vehicle’s capabilities even further. Designed for users who need the ability to work in conditions where traction is limited such as building sites or rural areas it was offered in two specifications. 

The front-wheel drive Trail featured a Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential (mLSD), developed in partnership with well-known driveline specialists Quaife, that automatically directed torque to the wheel with the most grip. For those needing a workhorse to use off-road, however, the 4x4 model offered intelligent All-Wheel Drive with dynamic torque distribution between all four wheels to maximise traction. 

The short wheelbase van modelled was used by Ford for PR work but the Trail was also available in numerous body styles including the Kombi, Double-cabin-in-van, or the Single and Double-cab chassis. All Trails were visually distinguished by a large matte black FORD ‘statement grille’, black cladding on the body sides, unique 16” alloy wheels and Trail badges on the front doors. 

The interior featured durable easily cleaned leather seating, a FordPass Connect onboard modem with WiFi hotspot for up to ten devices and a Quickclear heated windscreen, which cleared ice and mist in seconds, even when the engine has only just been turned on. The Trail range was a unique proposition for those needing an off-road capable vehicle with impressive carrying capacity and connectivity.

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