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Corgi VA14803 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo - Jewel Violet

Corgi VA14803 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo - Jewel Violet


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The Monte Carlo edition Escort RS Cosworth was created to celebrate François Delecour and Daniel Grataloup’s 1994 Monte Carlo Rally victory. Only 200 were built and of those 73 were UK-market right-hand-drive examples; all carried an individual number on a dashboard-mounted plaque. Although the Monte Carlo was mechanically standard it featured OZ Racing alloy wheels similar in style to those fitted on the winning rally car and unique external badging. The cabin boasted Recaro seats with the centres trimmed in Raven Flow cloth and the single word ‘Motorsport’ embroidered on one thigh support of every seat, plus a Recaro emblem stitched into the rear of the backrest beneath the head restraint.

The Monte Carlo was only available in Jewel Violet, Mallard Green or Ash Black and was built by Karmann alongside regular Cosworths between February and July 1994. The example modelled, number 183, is one of 24 in Jewel Violet and was purchased by its first owner, Mrs Pia Richmond, on September 30th, 1994, from Hendy Ford, Southampton. Since 2008 it’s been owned by Cambridgeshire-based enthusiast Jay Fuller who initially saw it at Santa Pod’s Ford Show but was too late to buy it. The buyer changed his mind a month later however, leading to Jay and partner Rachel undertaking a chaotic 24-hour trip to Southern Ireland to buy it and drive it back. It remains in excellent original condition, having covered only 39,000 miles. 


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