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Corgi VA13508 Mini 1275GT, Black Tulip

Corgi VA13508 Mini 1275GT, Black Tulip


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Corgi VA13508 Mini 1275GT, Black Tulip

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The 1275GT modelled was built at Longbridge on January 22nd, 1973, and delivered to Kennings Norwich, Norfolk on the 26th. It was purchased by John A. W. Barnham of Walsingham, Norfolk, on February 1st, 1973, and he used the car for many years completing around 79,000 miles before putting it into storage. 

The current owner, Aberdeen-based Derek Bain, bought it unseen in September 2016 as a restoration project from the original owner's grandson after seeing an internet advert. He knew from photographs that it was very rusty but, even so, when it was delivered to him he was dismayed to have his foot go through the floor as he was getting in! 

Derek had, however, commenced his mechanic's apprenticeship at BMC/BL dealers ABC Motor Services, Aberdeen, in 1972. Since then he'd always wanted a Black Tulip 1275GT so, undaunted, he stripped the car and started by welding in a complete floor from M-Machine, and a plethora of other BL Heritage panels. 

He was able to save the front subframe but needed to buy a new rear unit and every piece of interior trim. Except for the final painting, the cylinder rebore and crank regrind, he did every aspect of this complete restoration himself including rebuilding the engine and gearbox, brakes, interior and suspension, using new parts throughout.

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