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Corgi VA09206 Rover 75 V6 Contemporary SE, Ski Blue Cars

Corgi VA09206 Rover 75 V6 Contemporary SE, Ski Blue Cars


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Corgi VA09206 Rover 75 V6 Contemporary SE, Ski Blue Cars

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When the development of project R40, as the Rover 75 was known internally, began in earnest at Longbridge, the mood was optimistic because, to joint-venture partner Honda’s surprise, BMW had purchased the company in February 1994. They injected the development cash the business had hitherto lacked. The resulting car was launched at the Birmingham Motor Show on October 20th, 1998, and was praised for its elegant exterior design by stylist Richard Woolley and its British interior ambiance.

Production commenced at Cowley, Oxfordshire, but when BMW sold the company in May 2000, it moved to Longbridge. The 75 remained in production until 2005 by which time 211,175 had been produced. The automatic 2.5-litre V6 Rover 75 modelled was sold new by MG-Rover dealers Vantage-Preston and was first registered in July 2005, just three months after the Longbridge-based company went into administration. 

It features the later-revised bumpers, grille and single-light facelifted nose treatment launched in 2004, which gave the 75 a more modern look, although it cleverly used the same lamp base units with a new single lens on top. Since November 2022, it has been owned by Greater Manchester-based Rover 75 enthusiast Tim Hubbard, who bought it because it showed a genuine 87,000 miles and was in good overall condition. The 75 and its MG-badged ZT cousin have acquired a strong following in the classic car world and values are increasing.

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