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Corgi Coca Cola VW Camper - Diamond

Corgi Coca Cola VW Camper - Diamond


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Coca-Cola® Volkswagen Campervan-Diamond

Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Bay’ due to its sweeping windscreen, the second-generation Type 2 was introduced by VW with everything revised and improved. Although launched to offer more visual appeal and greater comfort, the second release attained all the charm and uniqueness of the original. Featuring an all-over diamond motif and classic white and red livery, this new addition to the Corgi Coca-Cola range continues to celebrate the iconic brand.

Corgi is proud to work with Coca-Cola to bring a range of the highest-quality die-cast models to the Coca-Cola and model collectables market. This range of models, all iconic in their own right, are liveried in symbols of this world famous brand from over a century of its history.

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