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Airfix A02007V 1/72 Scale SR-N1 Hovercraft

Airfix A02007V 1/72 Scale SR-N1 Hovercraft


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Airfix A02007V 1/72 Scale SR-N1 Hovercraft

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A firm favourite since its debut in 1960, the 1:72 SR-N1 Hovercraft makes its introduction to the Vintage Classic range; news which is sure to stir up waves of nostalgia across the modelling community!  

The SR-N1 Hovercraft has not been seen in the Airfix range for nearly 40 years, and so, it was high time for a revival. This classic kit lands with original Roy Cross artwork gracing the box front, 46 parts, and one scheme option, the Saunder-Rose SR.N1, National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), English Channel, June 1959.

The SR-N1 Hovercraft is supported on a cushion of air and operates at heights just sufficient to clear waves and surface irregularities on land. The lift principle of Hovercraft was discovered and developed by Mr C S Cockerell, and in 1957, the Ministry of Supply sponsored a program of assessment and research carried out by Saunders Rose Ltd. 

The SR-N1 Hovercraft is an experimental machine with space for the pilot and his observer, although on demonstration it has carried 20 fully equipped soldiers. It is powered by a 450 hp Alvis Leonides engine, giving a normal hovering height of 13 inches and a maximum speed of about 25 knots. It weights nearly 4 tons and is 30 feet and 24-feet wide.

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