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3-Light Red/Green/Yellow Standard B503

3-Light Red/Green/Yellow Standard B503


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Berko 3 aspect standard home colour light signal with red, yellow and green LED’s, fully assembled and ready to plant on your model railway.

Soldering is fragile so do not twist or pull wire

“Round head” refers to a rounded top style of colour light signal head developed in the early years of colour light signals and in regular use until the 70’s when the square head style began to replace the type, examples of this type could still be found into the 2000’s. this style of signal head is only available from Eckon and Berko.

“Square head” refers to the angled signal head style which became the British Rail standard in the 1970’s for future signalling upgrades and maintenance, around 2015 brand new LED signals using this type of style but a slimmer design began to come into use.

“stepped T” refers to a T on 2 levels (these can be used to define signal priority at junctions).

“Long T” refers to an elongated T bar used for example on wide station platforms.

“Platform” indicates a shorter stand for use on Platforms while still being at a regular height. platform signals can sometimes be used trackside for driver view sighting (around bridges for example).

“Standard” Indicates a taller stalk for use from rail level.

“Type1” refers to an older style boarded signal maintenance walkway.

“Type2” refers to the modern plate metal sheet style signal maintenance walkway.

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