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1815 Prussian Uhlans

1815 Prussian Uhlans


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fter the enormous demands placed on the Prussian army by the campaigns of 1813-14, Prussian cavalry in 1815 was less than ideal. Nonetheless they performed well, and it was they that had the honour of pursuing the French from the field on the evening of Waterloo.

This was one of the first sets to appear after HaT began production with their Mamelukes, and clearly the company were still finding their feet. The already established format of four figures includes some nice lancer poses, with one holding his lance upright, another with it tucked under the arm at the charge, and two using theirs in combat. All have ring hands except the man holding the lance upright. He has a hand outstretched and the weapon must be glued to it, though with nothing to support this join it is very fragile at best. The obvious omissions are an officer and a bugler, though with only four poses the set cannot afford more than just troopers.

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