Making Tracks official World Record attempt

Making Tracks official World Record attempt

The Railnuts Attempt World Record with Making Tracks Layout at Model World Live

For the first time in UK model railways an official World Record attempt recognised by Guinness World Records is being made by Pete Waterman and the Railnuts at Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham.

The newly extended Making Tracks: The Final Frontier 'OO' gauge layout will be entered for the Largest Portable Model Railway record title and, if successful, the 208ft x 14ft layout will be officially recognised by Guinness World Records.

Making Tracks has to meet a number of criteria to qualify as a Guinness World Record including being measured to within 0.001m, being a single scale model, prove that it is portable, be built to a professional standard as well including details of the number of trains, loops, track length, concurrent locomotive movements and all tracks being used.

Making Tracks creator Pete Waterman said: "Extending Making Tracks for Model World LIVE at the NEC has been a huge challenge and the Guinness World Record attempt will be a fantastic achievement by the Railnuts if we are successful. It will be a credit to all the team involved and proves that the model railway hobby is alive and well."

Model World LIVE Exhibition Manager Mike Wild added: "The 152ft long layout at the 2023 Great Electric Train Show was a staggering achievement for Making Tracks which has already had a huge impact on the modelling hobby. We are very proud to be hosting the World Record attempt at Model World LIVE and to be sharing that with the modellers from across the country."

Owner of Chester Model Centre, Paul Boyland tells us: "I still remember how challenging it was to bring Making Tracks to Chester Cathedral for the first time in 2020. I was so pleased to be an original sponsor and driving force behind bringing this layout to Chester. Nearly four years on I wouldn't say I'm surprised but this record attempt, more that I am very impressed with how hard The Railnuts have worked and how the model railway community has supported this layout." 

The full layout will model the West Coast Main Line between Hillmorton Junction (Rugby) and Bushey taking in Hillmorton's grade separated junction, Kilsby Tunnel, Blisworth, Milton Keynes Central station, Tring Cutting, Northchurch Tunnel, Watford Tunnel, Watford Junction station, Bushey viaduct, Bushey station and finally Carpender's Park bridge. It will feature a four track main line throughout with the option to pass trains at Milton Keynes Central station.

The World Record attempt layout feature 100ft of new scenery on top of the existing Making Tracks 1, 2 and 3 layouts. The new scenes will model Blisworth as well as Watford Tunnel to Carpender's Park bridge with the full layout set to feature three stations in total. It will take a minimum of four operators per circuit to keep trains moving and is set to feature fully working signals which the driver's can follow along the line to recreate the West Coast Main Line in miniature.

The record attempt layout will be on show throughout the weekend at Model World LIVE which is held in Hall 12 of the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on April 27/28.

Full event details are available on the Model World LIVE website including discount advance tickets. This is model railway history in the making.

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