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TT4021 BR Intercity, Mk2F First Open, 3387 - Era 8

TT4021 BR Intercity, Mk2F First Open, 3387 - Era 8

Hornby TT:120

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TT4021 BR Intercity, Mk2F First Open, 3387 - Era 8

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The British Rail Mark 1 coaches were not suitable for higher speed rail services, with the Mark 1 coaches being a perfect compliment for steam locomotives which saw themselves being replaced by diesel and electric locomotives as the 1960s progressed. The Mark 2 coach was introduced in 1964 and was all steel. While the Mark 2 was a progression of the Mark 1, the two shared almost no common parts, and only a passing resemblance.

In service, the Mark 2 coaches were commonly seen in the BR Blue and Grey livery and Network South East colours. The coaches were mainly hauled by larger express diesel and electric locomotives such as the Class 40, 47 and 86. As of 2022, the only Mark 2 coaches still in service are those that are part of the Network rail fleet.

The Mark 2 F sub categories had plastic internal panelling with new style seats. Visually they were similar to the Mark 3 coach although there were obvious differences between the two with the length being the most notable. The coaches also had heating and air conditioning as debuted on the Mark 3 prototypes.

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