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Smithsonian Lunar Module LM-2

Smithsonian Lunar Module LM-2


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A spacecraft which possesses something of an ungainly appearance, NASA’s Lunar Module is definitely one of the most instantly recognisable vehicles designed by man, thanks to the historic Apollo 11 moonwalk which took place on 20th July 1969. Incapable of flight in earth’s atmosphere, the Lunar Module took humans to the surface of the moon and brought them back to the orbiting Command and Service Module.

Smithsonian Collection

Corgi is proud to introduce a range of die-cast aircraft and spacecraft, scale replicas of the collections displayed in the Smithsonian’s National Airand Space Museum. Located in Washington, D.C, the museum is one of 19 which comprise the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex.

Diverse in era representation and seeped in history, the Smithsonian collection by Corgi is the perfect introducer range for older children and novice collectors, with detail and quality that would please any avid aeronautic or space enthusiast.

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