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Scalextric C4341 Ford RS200 - Police Edition

Scalextric C4341 Ford RS200 - Police Edition


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With its flashing blue lights and bright yellow stripe, this police car would cause drivers to check their speed on the A12 or stand out on a busy Harlow High Street given half a chance. It’s ironic, then, that it has never needed to part traffic. This car is all about presentation, used for promotional shoots by the Essex Police, and is now available for your Scalextric pleasure!

An exact replica of the original car, you’ll find copies of even the smallest details. This 1:32 scale model includes the sleek spoiler, bright police badge, and a police officer inside for realism. Now the Ford RS200 can finally enjoy some high-octane action. See how it fares against other Police cars in your Scalextric collection, or give it a chance to take part in a good old-fashioned car chase.


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