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Noch 23100 - Nature Trees (Seafoam)

Noch 23100 - Nature Trees (Seafoam)


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Noch 23100 - Nature Trees (Seafoam)


The "nature trees" are ideal for any model landscape scene that needs to be recreated like never before. The NOCH "Natural Trees" are - as the name suggests - purely natural products. No tree is like the other. The very differently grown natural trees made of sea foam are between 4 cm and 20 cm tall and give each layout a particularly high degree of realism. There is no discernible difference to real nature here. Whether in a forest, a farm scene, a city scene, a garden scene or an individually designed scene - with the "nature trees" you will succeed in the perfect representation of a landscape with trees. Use these realistically modeled trees for your landscape scene and set high-quality highlights.

You can integrate the natural trees in their natural state or flock them with NOCH Flockage, NOCH Classic Flock or NOCH Foliage. The sea foam for the NOCH Natur trees is planted on special plantations and carefully harvested.


  • 15 to 30 trees or bushes (depending on size) can be created in this pack
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