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Midland Pullman, Mk3 Trailer Guard Standard, M44078 - Era 11

Midland Pullman, Mk3 Trailer Guard Standard, M44078 - Era 11


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Mk 3, Trailer Guard Standard M44078 Era 11 Our Midland Pullman, Mk3 Trailer Guard Standard, M44078-Era 11 is a state-of-the-art OO gauge Hornby model. The fine detailing, including the faithful reproduction of the Mk3 guard's standard lamp, allows for an incredibly realistic display - perfect for collectors and train enthusiasts. The model also boasts a reliable and highly sought-after design, making it a desirable and timeless piece.

The first Mk3 coaches to be delivered were used as part of the HST prototype along with the two Class 41 diesel power cars in 1972. Mk3 coaches entered service in 1975 along with the Class 43 forming the iconic InterCity 125 trainset.

After the HST Mk3 coach variant was introduced, further Mk3 coaches were introduced to the West Coast Mainline for use as part of locomotive hauled trains. Whilst Mk3 stock is standard for HST units, the standard locomotive hauled stock is Mk3a. Mk3a stock differs from Mk3 stock due to the inclusion of buffers as well as a different electrical system that uses motor generator units in each coach to power air conditioning and other ancillaries Mk3a stock was built until 1984, before 3B stock with improved seating and lighting was built from 1985 to 1988.

Locomotive Services Limited (LSL) are a train operating company known for operating mainline rail tours with heritage diesel and steam locomotives. In 2017, upon being granted their certification to operate mainline charters, they became only the third company certified to operate steam locomotives on the mainline. They are also responsible for reimagining the famous Blue Pullman service, operating a specially liveried HST set with all first-class seating between London and Manchester.

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