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SALE - Malcolm Root’s Pageant of Transport

SALE - Malcolm Root’s Pageant of Transport


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In this third book of paintings, Malcolm Root's stunning pictures have been arranged to give a chronological pageant of the development of transport down the centuries, and in particular over the last one hundred years during which the greatest changes have taken place.

This pictorial survey not only gives an accurate record of the changing nature of travel by land, sea and air, but each picture is also a detailed portrait of a particular scene, with the type of transport meticulously portrayed.

Malcolm Root was born in Colchester in 1950 and still lives in nearby Halstead. From an early age he combined his love of art with a fascination for all kinds of transport. On leaving school he entered the printing industry and in 1981 took the decision to become a full- time professional artist. Commissions followed, particularly for railway scenes and in 1983 he was elected a full member of the Guild of Railway Artists. Malcolm's paintings have encompassed almost every form of transport from horse and cart and tram to Concorde and `le Shuttle'. They have also appeared in many forms including fine art prints, collectors' plates, jigsaws, calendars and books.

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