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Just Like The Real Thing - Pete Waterman

Just Like The Real Thing - Pete Waterman

Ian Allan Ltd

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Following the great success of A Train is For Life, Pete Waterman\'s new book tells the story of how he and a team of dedicated modellers have built one of the most impressive model layouts in the country. He covers all aspects of building the model of Leamington Spa station and gives tips on how to model railways to the very highest standard - a subject very close to his heart. Over the years Pete has brought together some of the finest railway modellers in the business and his models and layouts are renowned for their high quality, accuracy and attention to detail. This attractively illustrated book will inspire railway modellers to emulate Pete Waterman\'s fantastic layout and the author also imparts practical advice, tips and techniques that he has developed over the years over a wide range of modelling topics, from locomotives and rolling stock to track, signalling, scenery and buildings, from painting to model construction. Many of the techniques are unusual but can often be reproduced by the day-to-day modeller to give results far better than the more well-known or more conventional methods. As well as pictures showing modelling details and practicalities, the book will also be illustrated with some stunning and inspirational examples of Pete Waterman\'s layout and models showing what the reader can hope to achieve with time, practice and good advice. This book will appeal to all those who are familiar with Pete Waterman\'s railway models and all who aspire to improve the quality of their own modelling, whether aspirational beginners or more experienced and advanced modellers.

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