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Hornby R7377 HM7070 - Power Bank



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This adapter allows you to use an existing power supply with the HM7000 system.

Your HM7000 DCC Bluetooth control system make thetraditional spped controller obsolete. The track is powered constantly by electricity from your Hornby Transformer. To feed power directly from a Transformer to the track and bypass any controller, use this adaptor.

Plug into the Digital Power Track - OO Scale code R8241 or TT scale code TT8029 and off you go!

We recommend the 4 amp Hornby Transformer to give your layout plenty of power.

In the UK this is product code P9100W

Other plug versions are available - European 2 pin plug code P9101W, USA 2 pin, 110volt code P09003W or Australian plug code P9602W

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