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Corgi VA04120 Ford Cortina Mk2 Lotus, Anchor Blue



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Corgi VA04120 Ford Cortina Mk2 Lotus, Anchor Blue

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Ford Cortina Mk2 Twin Cam (Lotus) Anchor BlueThe Mk2 Cortina was heavier and wider than the Mk1 but a Lotus version was developed and used successfully in competition. The Mk2, however, was builtentirely in house by Ford who fitted engines and other components supplied by Lotus who were at this time moving from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, to Hethel,Norfolk. It was launched in 1967 as the Ford Cortina-Lotus (rather than Lotus -Cortina) and in 1968 was renamed the Cortina Twin Cam to bring it into linewith the Escort Twin Cam, which used the same Lotus engine. Production ceased in July 1970 by which time 4032 examples had been built

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