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Corgi The Aviation Archive AA35708 1:72 Scale Me262B

Corgi The Aviation Archive AA35708 1:72 Scale Me262B


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Corgi The Aviation Archive AA35708 1:72 Scale Me262B - 2-seat Trainer, 1Gruppe,. KG(J)53, Late 1944

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The Me 262B-1a was the 2 seat trainer version of the single seat Me 262 jet fighter that entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1944. Development of a training variant became an urgent requirement due to the high number of accidents suffered by Me 262 units, most of which were caused by technical problems arising from the newly developed turbojet engines or as a result of undercarriage malfunctions. To help familiarise Me 262 pilots with the new jet aircraft, the cockpit area of the single seater was re-designed in order to accommodate an instructor in a tandem seating arrangement. This required the removal of an internal fuel tank so provision was made for two 66 gallon auxiliary tanks to be carried beneath the forward area of the fuselage. The standard armament fit of 4 x 30mm cannon in the nose was retained. Only 15 examples of the Me 262B-1a trainer had been produced by the end of World War 2, although its design concept was instrumental in the development of the Me 262B-1a/U1 nightfighter.

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