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Compact 4 Function 8 Pin Decoder


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Size: 18.5mm x 10.5mm x 4.8mm (0.73” x 0.42” x 0.18”)
Power Handling: 1.1A Motor Drive (1.6A peak), 4 light/switchable functions - each 150mA, 200mA max.
Addressing: Address 3 preset, will accept any address between 1 and 9999.
Harnesses: 90mm overall length, removable 9 pin JST, 8 pin NEM652 plug with wires dressed to UK standard.
DC Running: Allows running on both DC and DCC layouts with no adjustment, if your controller has a smooth DC output then your locomotive will run better than before!
Back EMF: Adjustment free Back EMF ability that will give perfect low speed control. Functions: The decoder has 4 functions which can be remapped, and are switched on and off via the function control buttons on your digital handset. As well as directional or dimmed lighting, there are a dozen different lighting effects available.
Reset: The decoder can be simply reset to the original factory settings should you want to reset your decoder after experimentation, or have forgotten the decoder address.