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Aveling & Porter Road Roller 11496

Aveling & Porter Road Roller 11496

Oxford Diecast

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The Aveling & Porter road roller belonging to H Douthwaite & Son of Hutton Grange, Skelton,  Penrith, is registered RM 2588 and with the grand name ‘Cumbria Lady’. A sign on the edge of the front canopy indicates she is ‘Owned by Fred!  Note that this release is the long roof version.

As usual with the Oxford series of vintage machinery, the level of detail is incredible. The main bodywork is dark green and black with a lighter green body panel behind the large wheels. The top of the roof is black with green beige underside. The chimney, front and nearside large wheel are all black, as is the inner surface of the wheel roller. The outer surface and edge of the wheels and roller is grey. The wheels, roller spokes and the centre boss are dark green; a terracotta finish has been given to the roller frame and small ring on the wheel centre boss. Another finite detail sees the offside panel by the steering wheel painted green with black and gold edging. And we love the rearing horse on a panel above the small front wheel with the Invictor riband.  No doubt Fred and Cumbria Lady are off to some road repairs in that scenic part of the UK landscape.

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