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Corgi AA27707 North American P51D Mustang 'Detroit Miss'



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Corgi AA27707 North American P51D Mustang 'Detroit Miss'

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Already an ‘Ace’ pilot by the time he was asked to lead a fighter protection flight covering a deep penetration bombing raid into Germany on 7th October 1944, Urban L. Drew was also one of only three USAAF pilots to have encountered the new Messerschmitt Me262 jet fighter during a combat mission over enemy territory. As this was to be a ‘Ramrod’ mission, once the fighters had protected the bombers through the target area, they were free to go ‘hunting’ for targets of opportunity and as an expert low altitude flyer, Drew was hoping that he and his personal P-51D Mustang ‘Detroit Miss’ would encounter one of the Luftwaffe jet fighters again. With the bombers heading for home and the Mustangs of the 375th Fighter Squadron over Osnabrück, the same area where Drew had seen one of the German jets previously, he noticed two of the unusual aircraft moving on the airfield at Achmer below.

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