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Corgi AA34216 Boeing Chinook HC.4 ZH777- RAF No. 28 Squadron Centenary Scheme- RAF Benson- Oxfordshire- 7th April 2016



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Corgi AA34216 Boeing Chinook HC.4 ZH777- RAF No. 28 Squadron Centenary Scheme- RAF Benson- Oxfordshire- 7th April 2016

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Boeing Chinook HC.4 ZH777- RAF No. 28 Squadron Centenary scheme- RAF Benson- Oxfordshire- 7th April 2016

For all operational Royal Air Force squadrons, the occasion of their centenary commemoration is something to be rightly celebrated and it is often the case that the opportunity is taken to adorn one of their aircraft with special markings, to the absolute delight of the country’s army of aviation enthusiasts. The 18 month period up until September 2016 saw no fewer than three RAF squadrons, who were at that time operating the mighty Boeing Chinook helicopter, marking this significant service milestone and with the shape of this large twin rotor helicopter offering the opportunity to do something very special with regard to commemorative scheme application, the scene was set for a unique official photoshoot event. Gathering at RAF Benson on Wednesday 14th September 2016, this unusual sortie was the culmination of many months of planning and would see all three of the beautifully presented centenary Chinooks flying close together during a formation exercise, a sortie which yielded some truly iconic images. Taking in such waypoints as the famous N5055286687457

eedles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight, the Army Flying Museum at Middle Wallop and the Salisbury Plain Training Area, anyone fortunate enough to see this centenary trio along the way would have been in for a real treat. For most of us though, we had to be satisfied with admiring the beautiful images circulated following this event, particularly as all three aircraft would quickly have to give up their attractive markings, for operational reasons.  

One of the most impressive aircraft in current Royal Air Force service, the Boeing Chinook has already been in service for an incredible forty years and with it continuing to prove one of Britain’s most useful military assets, seems set to continue in its role for many years to come. The last of the three RAF squadrons to present one of their Chinooks in centenary markings, No 28 Squadron elected to base their design on two images which are synonymous with their history, the Pegasus horse which features on the unit’s crest and the crossed Kukri knives, which commemorate the squadron’s proud association with the Gurkhas. The date of RAF No.28 Squadron’s actual centenary occurred on 7th November 2015, however on this date, the unit was going through a transitional period and it was not possible to arrange an official event to mark the occasion at that time. The situation was rectified on 7th April the following year, when Boeing Chinook HC.4 ZH777 took pride of place at a commemorative event held at RAF Benson, where the unit also took possession of new hangarage facilities at the base. With the release of this scale diecast representation of this beautiful RAF No.28 Squadron centenary Chinook, Aviation Archive collectors can now have examples of all three of these magnificent anniversary machines in their collections, replicating the iconic scenes which took place above Salisbury Plain on 14th September 2016. 

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