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VA14304 Ford Escort Mk4 RS Turbo 1990 Specification - Mercury Grey



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The Escort RS Turbo (RST) modelled has now been fully restored by the current owner, Wrexham-based Ted Beckett. He purchased the car in August 2019 but has actually known of it for many years. In 1997 Ted took his close friend Lee Cartwright to view the car which was then for sale in Nantwich. Lee bought it and it quickly became a local hero car in Whitchurch because of its performance, it having been modified by Well Lane Turbos in 1993 and fitted with a larger Escort Cosworth turbocharger, charge cooler, over-bored engine and re-map; achieving 255bhp. 

It disappeared off the fast Ford scene when Lee, regrettably, had to sell it in 2008. In August 2019 Ted was called by a friend saying he’d been approached by someone in Telford selling an RST. Ted was actually planning to buy a Golf GTI that day but it had fallen through, so he had a trailer and cash. He phoned the vendor, realised immediately it was Lee’s old car and said, ‘I’m on my way’. 

Unfortunately, nine years in a leaking garage had seen it deteriorate badly and Ted fully admits he’d have walked away had it been any other car. Amazingly, after nine years slumber it started as soon as a battery was connected. Later that day Lee had an emotional reunion with his old car and was pleased to see it return to Wrexham to be restored.

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